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Free Conversation

by Marcia Ramsland,
author of Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way!

How Organized Are You?
Sometimes taking an honest look at our activities and lifestyle gives us clues as to where we can save time and reduce stress. In this exercise, answer “yes” or “no” to pinpoint certain stressful areas and to find out how organized you really are:
_____ Do you know how long it takes you to get up and out the door each morning?
_____ Do you lower your stress by arriving on time or early for your appointments?
_____ Do you return calls and e-mails the same day?
_____ Have your bills and credit cards been paid on time for the past six months?
_____ Do you know how much money you have in your purse and bank accounts?
_____ Do you know how much gas you have in the tank? Is your car clutter-free?
_____ Are all clean clothes put away and all the dirty clothes in the hamper?
_____ Do you know what’s for dinner and how long it will take to make it?
_____ Would people say you are organized?
_____ Do you feel organized?
Bonus question: _____ Did you organize and simplify something in your life in the last three weeks?
Score: 10 points for each “yes” response, plus five points for the bonus question.

Scoring Your Results:
90 points or higher. Congratulations! You have excellent organization skills, and you could be giving seminars on this topic.
70-80 points. You’re a generally well-organized person who has things together.
50-60 points. You’re a little organized, and that’s what I’m afraid of – you’re just a little organized.
10-40 points. Uh-oh. Life’s getting the best of you. You are going to be a “big hit” with your improvements.
If you scored below 90 points, I would highly recommend you learn how to live an organized lifestyle - it is definitely easier than a stressed out one! In my book I lay out:
how to simplify your weekly calendar
how to simplify your daily schedule
how to simply have a great day - everyday!
In the section of the book on unique ways to Save Time (which is the first part of the book) you will learn unique tips to save time that will keep you from feeling fragmented and frazzled. AND you will learn how to score 100 % on the above quiz - after you jump right in and read the book.


1. Discuss about the result you got.
2. Imagine you are the author of the book Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way! and talk about the topics mentioned above on how to simplify your schedules and appointments.
Are you organized?
7 Calendar Tips to Save You Time
by Marcia Ramsland,
author of Simplify Your Life: Get Organized and Stay that Way!
I love starting a new calendar. All those white squares each month represent breathing room, margin in our lives, and a relaxed pace. The simple reason I love them is – they offer a chance to grow and to change.
Can we really change? Yes, IF we get control of our time by controlling our calendar. That can be done by “tweaking” our lives in the new year with the following Time Tips:
1. Remember to fill only 70% of your time each day. A frown on your face and the “pedal to the metal” feeling all day long are red flags that you are living beyond your means – mentally and emotionally. Identify your stressors and make a change until they are at peaceful levels.
2. Stay balanced by committing only four nights out or less. This is the maximum number that will allow you to be on top of things at home and at work.
3. When you say “yes,” turn around and say “no.” Recognize that your time schedule is full now so when you add something new, you must say “no” to something comparable. For example, adding a new project means giving up on other projects.
4. Plan a family “Pizza Calendar” party on Sunday nights. Talk over plans for the next two weeks as a family and get it all on your calendar. Dinners will be less intense with the advance notice and while you're at it, fill out a family menu plan for the week, too.
5. Use your multi-tasking skills to meet needs and plan pleasant times. My rule of thumb is: children think one hour ahead, teens one day ahead, and spouses three months ahead. Accept their style and bring them along at their pace. (More on p. 23 Simplify Your Life)
6. List three personal goals on your monthly calendar. See if your calendar reflects you are moving forward to where you want to be in your goals and priorities. Make time for them.
7. Compare today with what you did the last few weeks on this day of the week. Our lives repeat patterns and you can discover your good patterns (and bad ones). Repeat or delete things to make today the best it can be.
Your calendar -- a single calendar -- should reflect a balanced and satisfying life for you. You can start that journey by consolidating your activities into one calendar.
Do you have any bad habits?
Do you bite your nails?
Do you over sleep?
Do you sleep on the sofa?
Do you sleep in your clothes?
Do you eat late at night?
What are some good habits to have?
What are healthy eating habits?
What are bad eating habits?
What are good study habits?
What are bad study habits?
Where do we learn our habits?
What are some of your bad habits?