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Do you believe in Zodiac?
What is your zodiac sign?
How do you describe your sign and yourself?
What is the Zodiac?

If you could observe the motion of the Sun against the stars for an entire year, it would appear to trace out a large circle in the sky that we call the "ecliptic". This circle also happens to be the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The zodiac is a thin band of the sky on either side of the ecliptic. The word "zodiac" literally means "circle of life", since most of the zodiac signs are animals or people.
What are Zodiac Signs?
The zodiac is divided into 12 signs, each 30 degrees long. The cycle of zodiac signs starts with Aries, which begins at the spot on the ecliptic where the Sun is on the first day of spring. These 30 degree sections of the sky are actually blocks of space, not time.
Zodiac signs are often confused in the popular mind with "sun signs". When a person says, "I'm an Aries!", what they're really saying is they were born at a time of the year when the Sun is in the zodiac sign of Aries. Because our calendar is designed to mimic the motions of the Sun around the zodiac, the Sun is in Aries at nearly the same time period each year (roughly March 20th or 21st to April 19th or 20th). Hence the 12 sun signs are like months of a calendar based on the zodiac. They represent time, not space.
The motions of the other planets through the zodiac signs can be quite irregular, compared to the Sun's motion. On average, they range from the fast moving Moon (which spends about 2-1/2 days in each sign) to the slow poke Pluto (roughly 12 to 24 years in each sign).
Aggressive, willful, powerful, assertive; enthusiastic about whatever interests you at the moment, focused in short bursts, unlikely to sustain interest in the long term; ego expression; adventurious, pioneering; Warrior-type energy; impatient with having to cooperate with others, works best alone or in leadership role; unconcerned with approval or acceptance; lacks persistance and stamina; honest and forthright, "what you see is what you get", not given to airs or pretenses; the first expression (or incarnation ) of spirit within a new cycle on the physical plane.
Earthy, grounded, in touch with the body; sensual, pleasure seeking; stubborn, fixed, stands their ground; focuses and concentrates energy, gives it concrete expression, practical, provides stamina and persistance; slow, steady, methodical; fertile, productive; unreflective, content to simply be; spirit becoming involved with the material world.
Talkative ("a Gemini is born with a telephone in each hand!"), communicative, sociable; loves to interact with others (at least on a superficial level); unemotional, impersonal, ruled by "rationality"; requires great mental stimulation, curious to a fault; playful, the Trickster, the Devil's Advocate; changable, inconstant, attention easily drifts to something new, seeks novelty.
Mothering, emotional and physical nurturance; experiences and imprinting during infancy and childhood; family, ancestors, heritage, relationships to the past; belonging, feeling "at home"; maternal love, caring; feeling supported by the world, that your needs are provided for; insecurities and fears if your needs haven't been fulfilled; possessiveness, "twisted love", inability to nurture others are negative expressions.
Ego, self-centered, arrogant; fixed, stubborn, persistant; artistic or creative expression as a vehicle for revealing "who I am"; needs to be a center of attention, requires acknowledgment and approval, likes to be noticed and appreciated ("ego-strokes"); personal integrity, true to self, honorable, trustworthy; kingly, self-assured, confident.
Service, helping, self-effacing; perfectionist, always seeking to improve, efficiency; practical, functional, interested in crafts and projects; true to self in a simple, unassuming manner; reacts to defeats and setbacks by pulling back and altering approach, lacks confidence in the face of opposition; lives up to duties and responsiblities; interested in maintaining the body as a fit vehicle; diet, exercise, herbs, etc.; aware of conflicts with others, of the give and take required by life.
Partners, marriage; learning how to get along peacably with others, treating others as equals; "I vs. You", conflict, enemies; art, beauty, harmonious surroundings; distressed by stressful, inharmonious interactions; intimacy; people in counseling professions.
Intense, passionate, brooding, magnetic; stubborn, unyielding, driven by emotions; stands up for self, usually covertly, manipulates power; understands deeper layers of the psyche beyond the ego, unable to communicate this well leading to misunderstandings; intrigued by the "dark side" of life; the underground, people whose job involves going beneath surface appearances; sexuality, especially the transformative power of the orgasm; self-mastery, breaking free of illusory limitations, the Hero.
Freedom loving, idealist, unfettered by "small thinking"; inspiration; religion, philosophy, the law; awareness of your connections to the rest of the world; can be distant from others, afraid to give up freedom, reluctant to be tied down; on the other hand, aware of the value of the social contract; enthusiastic, gregarious, generous; loves abstract, theoretical ideas, sees the big picture, ignores the details; in love with an ideal; foreign travel, liberating experiences.
Serious, determined, disciplined, focused; needs to play more; fathering, disciplining love; authority figures; seeks certainties in life, wants things "cast in concrete"; the Businessman, concerned with the practical relationships to support yourself within society; not interested in "blue sky" ideas, needs to bring theory into concrete reality; "knowing the rules and playing the game"; making a niche in the world.
Even though ideas are often far-sighted, they can be held and expressed in rigid, dogmatic fashion (this is a fixed sign, afterall!); "everyone should be free to be just like me!"; idealistic, utopian; derives sense of identity from groups and their goals, tends to dominate them; impersonal thinking, detached from emotional considerations; produces "humanitarian without compassion"; friendships based on common goal.
Mysticism, escape into the One; sees the unity, fails to make "normal" distinctions, often weak ego; victim, martyr, servant; tends to escapism, fantasy, drugs (especially alcohol), religion; very receptive, sensitive, even psychic; co-dependency, care-taking; withdrawn from the world; release from the world.
Source: http://www2.bitstream.net/~bunlion/bpi/Sign.html

American and Brazilian Culture

Do you know any cultural differences between two countries or continents?
If you think about Brazil, what differences are possible to notice in different states of this country?
Do you know any person from a different culture? What is his/her culture like?

I was reading a blog on the UNI website from a student doing an internship in China ( http://www.cba.uni.edu/chinadiaries) and one of the postings was the difference between American Culture and Chinese. I thought that was a great idea of introducing the Brazilian culture as well as American culture. These are my experiences and my point of view about these cultural differences. The angle presented below has a lot to do with how I was raised, and the environment in which I grew up.

I have noticed 22 things about American and Brazilian culture:

Take a shower in the mornings. One thing that I noticed is that American people like to take showers in the morning. I think because they want to smell good around other people. I have never seen so many lotions and body splashes with different scents like in America. Most Brazilians take showers at night before going to bed. We believe that we should clean our body after working the entire day to have a good night of sleep, and to not dirty the sheets (this is what my mother used to say all the time)

Do you have a specific time to take a shower? Why?

Eat sausage and eggs for breakfast. This American habit is very well known in Brazil through the movies. While in Brazil I never ate eggs or sausage. What we generally eat is bread with ham, cheese, sweet bread, crackers, toast, lettuce and lots of native fruit juices. My boyfriend and his parents went to Brazil and my grandmother made eggs especially for them.

What do you have for breakfast?
Do you think sausage and eggs are good to start the day?

Bubble space (personal space). This is the basic rule that you need to know about American culture. Americans like their space. Being too close means invading their privacy and can make them to feel uncomfortable. In my culture when we see a person for the first time that day, we give 2 kisses on the cheeks. There is lots of touching, and hugging. When my boyfriend went to Brazil I told him about this ritual but I forgot to mention that if you are a guy you do not kiss another guy and indeed he tried and it was a very awkward situation. The guy he kissed did not like that much.

What is your opinion about this “bubble space”?
How do Brazilians greet each other?

Be punctual. This is a serious topic. Americans hate when you are late and from what I understood about this culture is that if the person takes the time to meet with you show some consideration and respect by being on time or early. “TIME IS MONEY”. People really get offended when you make them wait. In Brazil there is no difference between on time and 5 minutes late. I do not think my mother would fit very well in this matter with American culture. She is always multi tasking, and for this reason she is late sometimes. My parents always argue when they have to go out because my father is a military, so on time for his is 10 minutes prior to the time but for my mother is 5 or 10 minutes later.

Are you punctual?
How important is it for you?
Source: http://weblogs.uni.edu/intladm/2006/06/differences_between_american_a.html

Composition: Write a text about cultural differences. Include the ones you learned in the class and others that you know/remember.

Depende de você

Quero caminhar na certeza de chegar,
Quero lutar na certeza de vencer,
Quero buscar na certeza de alcançar,
Quero saber esperar,
Para poder realizar os ideais do meu ser,
ENFIM, Quero dar o máximo de mim, para viver intensamente
e maravilhosamente, TODOS OS DIAS DA MINHA VIDA!
“If you want you can be a giant.”

Be conscious!!!

Open the windows and make use of the daylight.

Avoid sleeping with the TV on.

Turn off the light when you leave your bedroom.

Before opening the refrigerator choose what you are going to eat.

Substitute the common light for fluorescent lights. They consume less energy.

Maria da Graça Meneghel Interview

Maria da Graça Meneghel interview

She is a Brazilian television’s presenter, singer and actress of movies and infantile programs. This is Maria da Graça Meneghel, her nickname is Xuxa. She was born in Santa Rosa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. She works practically three decades in her job. Xuxa has more attention with her family now. But, today she is in our program “Moment of the Fame” to tell about life her.
Good night Xuxa. How are you?

Then, how did you begin your career on TV?
Some “Paquitas” became famous after finishing “Show da Xuxa”. What did it represent to you?
Have you already been in the list of the fourth richest person of the world and the first Brazilian to have this mark? Have you always dreamt with money and fame?
For you, was the participation on the movie “Lua de Cristal” a way to tell about your childhood?
What about other films?
In 1998 when your daughter was born, did you feel bad due to the criticism of the media about the special reports of this fact?
Another challenge in your career was the comments about Planeta Xuxa program. What do you do to keep relax when this happens?
Changing the subject, your last CDs and DVDs of the collection “Só para baixinhos” were a success in the world, more that thirty millions of copies sold in the world. Is there any secret to have success?
The letters of the songs that you sing always remember something important of having hope and enthusiasm in life. Do you apply these tips too?
Do you prefer to sing, to present or to act?

OK, thank you Xuxa and we will come back after break with other questions to our queen.


Very well, and in this Moment of the fame today we continue talking with Maria da Graça Meneghel, Xuxa.

Well, you told about your professional life and now let’s speak about your personal life. You had a childhood near the nature and after you came to live in Rio de Janeiro. Do you lack of this contact?
Did you always think in being a mother?
Why did you solve to live in a very big house?
And have you still had the apartment where you lived with the family here?
What has changed since Sasha was born?
What values do you intend to teach to your daughter?

Do you like of the keep your old clothes and objects to remembers old times?

How do you enjoy your free time?

And about Luciano Szafir. Are you still good friends?

OK. Thank you Xuxa and please, send a message to the audience, and, success, peace and love to you.

Personal interview

Personal Interview:

1) What’s your full name?

2) How are you today?

3) Do you have a nickname? What is it?

4) Where are you from?

5) What city do you live?

6) What’s your nationality?

7) What do you do?

8) Do you like Brazil? Why?

9) What’s your mother’s and father’s name?

10) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

11) What’s his/her name?

12) What’s your address?

13) Do you live in a house or apartment?

14) Do you work?Where?

15) What’s your hobby?

16) What’s your favorite sport?

17) What did you do on your vacation?

18) What are you going to do tomorrow?

19) What will you do on your vacation in July?

20) If you had the chance to meet a famous person. Who would you like to know?

PS: Write complete sentences !!!!!!!!!! Do it individual, ok!!!!!!!!!!
Good Luck!!!
I trust you my students!!!!
Have a nice work,
Teacher Ruth

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